Trish Stemm is the recipient of $300 from Carterville Now for educational expenses

“I am stronger than I thought, I can get through things and persevere,” Trish Stemm, John A. Logan College nursing student.

In December Carterville Now announced that the online news site was going to provide $300 to a John A. Logan College student who needed the funds for educational related expenses. More than a dozen students applied and today Publisher Devin Miller met with nursing student Trish Stemm, of Herrin, to give her a check. The mother of four is currently attending JALC enrolled in the practical nursing program.
“I have some special needs children and just taking care of them over the years has, you know, has made me realize just how much I have a love for taking care of other and helping them to feel better,” Stemm said. ”
Publisher Devin Miller wanted to provide the funds as he has taught as term faculty at the college for a decade and has had students in class in need semester after semester.
“I have had students who had the will to do the work, come class, participate and try to learn while not having enough money for gas to get to the school,” Miller said. “We wish the best for Trish and her family.”