SIH announces drive-through COVID-19 sites

An electronic doctor’s order is required and can only be issued following a call to the SIH COVID-19 Hotline

SIH announced the establishment of three drive-through COVID-19 clinics. These locations are not open to the public. One must first call the SIH COVID-19 hotline and obtain a referral through a hotline provider.

The SIH COVID-19 hotline is (844) 988-7800.

Individuals suspected of having coronavirus will be screened by SIH staff through the driver or passenger side windows. The staff is testing for flu and other respiratory illnesses, and are collecting samples for COVID-19 testing if other tests come back negative.

Step-by-Step Process provided by SIH:
1. Call the SIH COVID-19 Hotline at (844) 988-7800 for determination.
2. Individuals who meet criteria for additional testing will receive individualized
instruction on how to proceed. Drive-through testing requires an electronic order from a
provider associated with the hotline.
3. Arrive for testing during site business hours. Individuals remain in their vehicle throughout the
process. Medical professionals will test you while you remain in your car.
4. Results of COVID-19 tests that are analyzed are expected within four to seven days.

SIH will be using drive-through testing to limit exposure of patients and medical staff.

“The best way to [limit exposure] is to contact the hotline to evaluate the risk. Then we can determine the most appropriate place for testing,” MD Matthew Winkleman, at SIH Primary Care Harrisburg said.