Positive COVID-19 test in Jackson county

The case is the first laboratory confirmed positive of COVID-19 in Jackson County

According to the release by the Jackson County Health Department. The individual is female and in her 50’s. She is currently at home in isolation.

She is thought to have been exposed in recent out-of-state travel.

“This individual is not allowed to leave home until they are well and can no longer transmit the disease,” said the release.

Public health officials have started an investigation of the case and are speaking with individuals who the subject may have come into contact with.

Findings of the investigation may put others in home quarantine if they have had “significant exposure.” The individuals may not have symptoms but will be quarantined for a period to allow symptoms to develop and pass with little risk to others.

There were 128 new individuals with COVID-19 identified in Illinois today according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. This brings the confirmed total in the state to 288.

As testing increases more cases will be confirmed locally.

If you have questions call SIH’s COVID-19 hotline at (844) 988-7800.