Fire reported at John A. Logan College

School officials JALC will be temporarily closed.


Updated at 2:03 p.m Thursday, August 13.
Inspections of electrical equipment is underway after the fire that evacuated John A. Logan students and faculty yesterday said John A. Logan President Ron House in a release Thursday.

Electrical contractors and the State of Illinois Fire Marshall are working to complete the inspection of the elevator near the cafeteria.

The school’s hope is to resume operations on campus as soon as possible. And interior restoration will be started to remove fire odor.

There are no updates on the two college employees and two firefighters that were transported to local hospitals.

Employees may now retrieve personal items by using the east entrance and then report to campus police. Students may retrieve personal items left behind from 12 pm to 4 pm. Using the east entrance, they will check-in with Campus Police and be escorted to their items.

The college will release additional information to students and employees tomorrow morning.

Updated at 3:55 p.m Wednesday, August 12.

The fire at John A. Logan started at 11:40 am as a result of an electrical fire, said John A. Logan President Dr. Ron House in an email Wednesday. The fire affected power on much of the community college campus.

“Two employees were trapped in an elevator near the location of the electrical fire. Those employees are receiving medical treatment for injuries sustained and we ask that we all remember them in our prayers,” House said.

Staff will work remotely tomorrow for instruction and providing other services. The college has not been given clearance to enter the facilities.

Tomorrow at 10 am the college will release more information for college personnel.


John A. Logan notified the public that there was a fire on campus Wednesday morning. Officials said the fire started due to a mechanical issue and the campus was evacuated. Wednesday marked the first day of in-person class for the fall semester at the college.

Text alerts sent out by John A. around 12 p.m. said the school will be temporarily closed.

The college advised students if they left their vehicle on campus you can may enter the college at the Greenbriar Rd entrance to retrieve your vehicle.

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