Photo Column – The Sole of Integrity

Jennifer Spence receives a card from a family friend for Spence’s mother, Suzanne Mitchell, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, during a break from restoring the Selz Royal Blue Shoes mural at 131 S. Division Street in Carterville. Spence has spent the last two weeks of her free time restoring the advertising mural which was originally painted on Montgomery’s Place, a saloon that operated in Carterville many decades ago. Spence, a Carterville native, owner of the building, and the author of the book “Carterville, Crainville, & Cambria: A Look Back At Our Towns” said that preserving the mural was important to maintain a piece of the town’s history and to improve the overall aesthetic of downtown Carterville. According to Spence, the building is going through a complete rehabilitation and updates will include retail space in the front and an event center in the rear. Spence says she is leaving the last bit of lettering that will read “The Sole of Integrity” for her mom to paint in the spring once her mother recovers from cancer. “She is really the artist in the family.”