Photo of the day – Slow Your Roll

Carterville Police Department installs temporary radar sign

The Carterville Police Department installed a mobile radar sign on south Greenbriar road Monday morning in an attempt to deter speeding drivers. The sign was borrowed from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department and the city will rotate the sign to several Carterville streets.
Carterville Mayor Brad Robinson said that the sign is being installed to remind people of the speed limits in problematic areas where there have been complaints by residents.
“I don’t personally believe people are intending to speed. Sometimes people lose track of what their speed is and this is intended to be a reminder,’ Robinson said.
The department may include enforcement by a nearby squad car if the speeding problems persist.
“If our goal was to write tickets to everybody, we wouldn’t even put the sign out. We are concerned more with the speed limits being followed than writing tickets,” Robinson said.