Carterville Lions varsity cheerleaders win gold in Pinckneyville Invitational

Congratulations to the Carterville Lions varsity cheerleading team.


The team won first place at the Pinckneyville Invitational Sunday, Dec. 8 and now qualify for the ICCA Championships in Springfield that will take place January 11, 2020. “Coach Amy (Drust) and I are very pleased with our team’s performance at the Pinckneyville Invitational. Finishing in first place of 11 teams is a rewarding accomplishment, especially since that was our first time to compete this year,” Coach Linda Rice Drust said. “We have been focusing on the execution of our skills and it paid off yesterday. We will evaluate our scoresheets and comments from the officials, then make adjustments for our next competition scheduled for January 5 at Breese Central High School.”